A Bird’s Eye View Makes Opportunity Possible

Taking the time to step above the fray of the every day provides the best vantage point for seeing opportunities and their true value.


Founders tend to wear rose colored glasses, particularly when it comes to the value of their company. This optimism creates challenges when the desire for outside investment or a liquidity event doesn’t match the reality of the opportunity for investment.


The founder of a nearly 20-year-old health and wellness business avoided this challenge by allowing Marea Partners to elevate his view of his own company. After nearly two decades, the founder of the company wanted to grow his company, but also needed to set some money aside for his own future. He knew what he wanted, but didn’t know what he needed to do to get there.


Marea Partners provided the insight required to make changes at the company to enhance its value before seeking outside investment. It takes courage and a willingness to drop the ego. The founder joined wholeheartedly in the process because as he viewed his creation from above, the opportunity for improvement and thus value creation became clear. The end of the plan would result in capital influx for growth and sustainability, not just an exit.

For 12 months Marea Partners worked with the founder on recruiting and hiring much needed talent, developing new products, instituting new financial controls, reducing expenses, and upgrading their systems. The original desire to find an investor turned into something more beneficial: a sustained commitment to growth and value, which led to a successful minority investment with a strong valuation and a primary brand on a double-digit growth trajectory.


Every founder gets into the weeds of the day-to-day. Rising above to take stock of the market direction, update product roadmaps, and get financially fit ensures a company’s readiness to capitalize on new opportunities.

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