There is no I in team

The sooner a leader realizes her role is to support and serve, the sooner she will be able to lead effectively.


Everyone can use a coach, particularly entrepreneurs. Founders, like pro athletes, need to channel their talents where they will be most productive and learn to share the leadership so the fledgling enterprise, or team, can flourish.


A healthy beverage company led by a young, first-time entrepreneur experienced achieved significant expansion. The founder’s lack of leadership experience caused some growing pains, and he reached out for coaching so he could enhance growth, rather than inhibit it.


The Marea Partners team took the time to get to know the founder, his support network, and his ambitions for his new venture, while helping him understand the nuances of a high functioning executive team.

With that solid foundation, the team developed an executive coaching plan that catered uniquely to his personality and the needs of his organization. The plan focused on communications, empowerment, and best practices. The coaching program gave the young executive the confidence and know-how to hire and develop a full executive team. As the company continued its impressive growth, the founder’s confidence and leadership skills grew.


Coaching makes good players better.

Looking for support to improve a weakness shows a desire to grow. These gains produce outsized results which manifest in sustainable success.

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