High Velocity Recruitment as a Differentiator

Differentiating recruitment at your fast growing company to entice and retain talent provides an advantage that will deliver long into the future.


When a company grows at 300% a year, adding staff to maintain that growth becomes a monumental challenge. If you want talent whose values align with your mission, it becomes even harder. With the right processes and accountability throughout the whole organization, even the fastest growing companies will meet their talent needs.


An eco-conscious beauty platform struggled to develop a talent pipeline that met both its mission and its high demand.


Marea Partners brought a new perspective to the table for this fast growing company: recruitment of talent should be a differentiator for the company, not just a process to fill vacancies.

Starting with the creation of a clear vision, mission, and core values, Marea Partners and the company developed a comprehensive program that attracted the right kind of candidates, whose values aligned with the company’s. Accelerating identification of the right candidates and a new recruiting processes quickly brought the best talent on board. Finally, creative retention strategies ensured that the recruitment process didn’t become a rotating door. This holistic approach to recruitment developed a sustained engine for growth at the company.


Hiring for growth isn’t about filling positions; it’s about developing a sustainable culture of recruiting where everyone in an organization has the responsibility to help find and keep the best talent. Human resources remains accountable for the process, but without shared responsibility, hiring at accelerated speeds cannot be maintained.

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